Saturday, May 8, 2010

the list of lists

Here's a confession:  I like making lists.  I like checking things off my list. I sometimes put things on lists that I don't expect to ever check off.

Here's a list of lists I have, either in my iphone notes or my google documents:

*restaurants to try
*places to go in Europe this year
*places to go in Europe in the future
*books to read (and purchase)
*my wish list
*songs to download
*movies to buy
*courses from last night's dinner
*wineries to visit
*workouts for the next two weeks
*donations made this year
*nailpolish colors (I'm slightly shocked that I even have this since I'm not much of a nailpolish girl, but yep it's there)
*things to do today/this weekend

Perhaps one day I'll share each of these lists, but today I think I'll just share my "things to do today" list.  It's rather interesting.

In no particular order:

*spin class - CHECK
*blog about dinner last night
*blog about dinner last tuesday
*puchase heart rate monitor on amazon
*blog about how much i love amazon
*book my return trip from Europe using united miles (or not...maybe I'll just stay there)
*call united to get mileage credit for my flight that im pretty sure i never got checked in on because of ashlee simpson's husband's shenanigans - CHECK (they were nice eventhough they had no record that I flew on that flight. They went ahead and gave me credit when I told them there's no way I could have flown home on my broomstick because it's currently in the shop for repairs)
*make a donation
*purchase a bucket of tennis balls
*remind boy to purchase dog food
* go see Ironman 2!!
*watch the netflix movie that's been here for a week
*read my book so I start checking off my book list

Ok, so this might be part of the reason I enjoy making lists:

What's on your list?


  1. A girl after my own heart... I love lists. PERIOD.

  2. My list has "make list for ____" about 7 times. Also go grocery shopping. But that never really gets crossed off.