Friday, May 7, 2010

happy friday

Here's some lovely flowers from my daily walk to brighten the day!

There's a house on at the end of my street that has these huge bushes of big white flowers and I love them this time of year!

I am super sleepy today. I was rudely awakened this morning at 5:45am by puppy whining...and for no apparent reason other than the need of some love and attention. It's funny, normally I'd appreciate the early wake-up call, as it would give me the opportunity to get my morning run out of the way. But since my hamstrings were still curled up in a little ball (the result of an intense barre class), I had decided to sleep in this lovely Friday morning. And on the days I actually do plan to go running, I wake up to an alarm and a pup fast asleep laying across my back or curled up right next to me with his head under my chin. Who's gonna wanna tear themselves away from that to go pound concrete?

In other news...I have a short day at work today (yay!) because I can transfer hours from Saturday when I sat on an airplane (in first class...two rows behind Ashley Simpson and her posse) returning from a business trip. It's been a long, boring week, so I'm happy to spend some time at home on the couch a good book.
Tonight we're heading to the restaurant where the boy is apprenticing. We're planning to do the whole "tell the chef to make us something special" thing. I'm pretty excited about it...especially the desserts that I keep hearing about. Sometimes it seems like "apprenticing" means tasting yummy desserts and steaks and things. But I have seen burn marks to prove otherwise, so maybe tasting is just a perk! Can't wait to tell you about it, though!

Also...I want to say a special thank you to Marisa for being my very first blog follower...THANK YOU!!! Thanks for being patient with a newborn blog and inexperienced blogger!!  :)

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