Friday, June 11, 2010

...still getting to know you (second practice)

I forgot my camera again for second practice.  Don't feel bad, I also forgot my heart rate monitor and my new running shoes; I was wearing a super old pair of expired running shoes turned dog walk shoes with gigantic holes in the toes.  My mentor said, "...that's OK, you'll be needing holy shoes for this run."

Coach talked for an extraordinarily ridiculous amount of time before we set off for our run.  Fundraising tips and necessary information.  Her favorite fundraising tip is "Be Relentless"...(I hope you know what's coming to you! Donate now and I won't bug you).

We start off every run with some dynamic stretching exercise...aka we do funny looking moves in the grassy area and make fools out of ourselves.  We kick our own butts, do some lunges, and some weird hip opener thingies.  We look ridiculous.  I wonder if it's really good for us, or more for coach's entertainment.  Perhaps both.  

We were on for 4 the hills.  Not toooo bad.  I consider myself lucky that I'm best friends with the PV Hills from my triathlon season three years ago.  I knew exactly what to expect.  I started off really slow.  Like way back of the pack slow.  I ended up passing a bunch of people along the way, and found myself running with one of the mentors, also one of only two guys on the team.  We chatted, mostly to prove we were both running at "conversational pace."  I was actually surprised at how easy conversation was while I was running. I generally prefer to run alone, so having someone to talk to seems weird, but at least I knew I was pacing myself appropriately!

The 4 miles seemed easy, especially the downhill.  Like I said, I've mastered the down...gravity really helps.  Sometimes it seems like my scientific background is giving me the advantage on the downs.  I saw people slowing down and walking.  Do they not understand how much less work they have to do going down because of our friend gravity?   Unfortunately for me, the downhill on this run is followed by about a half a mile of slightly uphill to finish out the run.  Down to up is a hard transition because you're used to the turnover of the downhill, and trying to maintain that when the slope goes positive, whips your breath right away and makes that last little bit really dreadful.

Stretch, water, coconut water, and then I took off to finish my Saturday much like the previous Saturday.  Starbucks and the farmer's market.

Once again, a record of my intake is here so I can check back and see what I did.

pre-run nutrition:
the night before:  happy hour at fraiche, lots of good stuff
the morning of: some puffins and glass of watered down green juice

post-run nutrition:
immediately after: 24 oz water, then 2 servings of coconut water
breakfast: Starbucks chocolate & banana smoothie and spinach, feta, egg white wrap
lunch/snack: delicious Afghan food from the farmer's market, beet salad with avocado and peas
dinner: strawberry polenta with scallops

drank a bunch of water throughout the day.

I think I prevented this week's headache somehow.  I could feel it coming so I stuffed myself with food and water.  Something made my tummy funny post-run (which is better than during the run!) so I'll watch out for that in the future.

Tanks for listening!

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