Friday, June 4, 2010

happy friday!

Today IS a happy friday. Why? I don't know...because I said so. I woke up cranky, actually. That'll happen when you plan to sleep in and some needy pup decides he needs to get you up before 7am only to turn around and sneak himself into your spot on the bed. But now I've decided I'm pretty stoked about today. Here's why:

* It's the end of a relative successful week! Boss was out of town, so I was doing my job AND his. I felt like I was playing a doubles tennis game by myself...taking shots from lots of different directions. I think I knocked them all down least no one is currently upset about anything. Maybe I didn't get a lot of MY work done, but that'll happen. Overall I declare this to be a successful boss-less week.

* I joined Team in Training. I'm getting ready to fund-raise and I'm getting ready to train in the lovely hills of Palos Verdes for a race in the lovely hills of San Francisco in the lovely month of October. I knocked out my first week of training with two barre (stretch/strength classes), two decent base training runs, and a super awesome spin class. And I'm still walking! And I get to run in the hills tomorrow, treat myself to a post-run breakfast, and then spend hours at the farmers market gawking at the produce and strategizing my purchases. Maybe I'll remember my camera so you get a good picture of how truly amazing and overwhelming this farmer's market truly is.

* We're going We went to happy hour tonight at Fraiche in Culver City. I am I was stoked because I'ved wanted to try it for awhile and happy hour is was like the perfect opportunity to do so. They have a pretty sweet happy hour menu, and an even sweeter bar menu with moules frites and cheese fondue (two of my favorite things!) and interesting cocktails and these yummy meatball gougere sliders. (I actually wrote this at work earlier, but couldn't post it until now because blogger is blocked at work I didn't have the opportunity...hence the scratch marks).
Gin, fresh strawberries, vanilla infusion, lemon...YUM

Meatball sliders in gougere
(gougere is the pastry part of a cream puff, but savory)

Cheese fondue with apples and bread

Look how cheesy!

Arancini (risotto balls)

Moules frites (mussels & fries)

See?  Isn't that a happy friday? 

Tell me about YOUR happy friday...

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