Sunday, April 25, 2010

slow start...that's how i roll

I started this blog expecting to write something nearly every least multiple times per week.  Bah!  So WHY have I yet to post my second post (until now, of course)?

This is not an exercise in excuse-making (which I'm fantastic at, by the way, but I'll get into that another time), but an exercise in identifying what's preventing me from doing something I've really wanted to do for some time. 

Here's the list of possibilities:

1.  Work.  I have a day job.  Darn that day job!  It pays my bills and feeds me delicious food.  But I spend 9 hours a day in front of the computer and gosh when I get home, I don't really want more computer time!

2.  Dog.  I have a dog (duh).  I love the dog.  He wants to walk, he wants to play, he wants to eat everything. It's hard to focus when I'm constantly interrupted by a whiny bark, or a nudge on the leg, or the pitter patter of paws on the floor as he runs across the living room with my shoe.  Also he likes to steal my spot on the couch (my laptop spot) and he's really hard to move...mostly because he's really adorable and instead of moving him away, I just lay on him, which he surprisingly doesn't mind.

3. Boy.  He distracts me and lures me away from my computer. No...this is actually a good thing.  We like to be busy.  He's also mostly my inspiration for much of my food related blogging.

4.  Spacebar.  I don't have one.  Dog ate it.  I still have that little nobby that allows me to create the space between words, but let me tell you, it's a huge inconvenience to not have a spacebar.  Take off your spacebar and try it.  Go ahead, I dare you.

5.  ADD.  Attention Deficit Disorder.  I've never been diagnosed for real, nor tested for that matter, but I've gone ahead and decided I have my own version of ADD.  My mind is usually in a bagillion different places.  I plan blog posts while I'm at work, but never get around to writing them down before I get another thought.  I sometimes forget to finish a thought...

6.  Obsession.  I tend to latch onto things and obsess over them for a little while and move on to something else (can also be classified as ADD?)  Blogging was my obsession for awhile, but I mostly fed it by reading other blogs.  Now, I have this pesky EUROPE TRIP TO PLAN that seems to be the object of my obsession.

7.  Exercise. that's not one.  I've somehow managed to neglect that as well. see?  Lots to overcome.  Good thing I enjoy a challenge!

So tell me, how do you overcome your blogging obstacles to post the stuff I read about while I'm at work (oops...did I admit that?  shhh....)?

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